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We’re delighted to announce a pilot quantum career fellowship scheme aimed at placing the top community members who graduate from our courses with our company or partner companies.

Would you like to be considered? If yes, please fill out this form After the final lecture of the Topology crash course, we’ll hold a session on Discord with those who expressed interest to explain the requirements and judging criteria that our company will follow. Since this is a pilot, we expect the initial version of the fellowship scheme to be extremely competitive because we’ll have limited places to…

It’s been a while since our last newsletter update, and we’re excited to share some news with you below!

Zaiku Homology: Our team has been quietly working on a platform called backed by InnovateUK, the UK government’s innovation funding agency. The platform is aimed at helping enterprise organisations train and deploy useful & practical privacy-preserving AI models to the cloud.

We believe we’re at the beginning of a new era for cloud computing. An era in which we’ll see the cloud become fully ubiquitous and fuse with emerging decentralized technologies. This will lead to what we coined the Homomorphic…

Dear friends,

As some of you may recall, back in June we wrote the post entitled ‘ Will Amazon Snatch Slack? ‘. Although Salesforce turns out to be the actual buyer rather than Amazon, our acquisition pricing prediction (23–27Bn$) is not that far of from what the media outlets are reporting which is circa $27.7Bn.

In addition to the mentioned post above, our then independent Kahler Insights team published another post entitled ‘ The future of Slack: Could a Merger with Dropbox Create a $60Bn Company? ‘.

We’re still of the opinion that a merger with Dropbox could have created…

Our research team at Kähler Insights has been busy monitoring the torrent of IPO filings from top VC backed unicorns!

Palantir is in the Spotlight

Since the news of Palantir’s SEC filings broke there have been plenty of articles about the company. One interesting/provocative article that caught our attention was written by PitchBook’s Alexander Davis entitled ‘ Memo to Palantir: Be careful what you wish for’:

Filing papers for a proposed new stock listing can be a bit of a double-edged sword for private companies seeking to go public.

That is a risk that Palantir Technologies, the data-mining specialist whose co-founders include CEO Alex Karp…

Last week Microsoft confirmed it was holding talks to buy TikTok from ByteDance. Since the news broke there has been plenty of analysis as to why the M&A should take place. Most articles that we crawled are essentially in line with the following argumentation by The Verge:

Afirst glance, a Microsoft acquisition of TikTok seems a little unusual. Microsoft has spent years walking back consumer plays like the Groove Music service, the Kinect Xbox accessory, its Microsoft Band fitness device, Windows Phone, and more recently the Mixer streaming service. Microsoft has been favoring its enterprise software and services, and even…

We’re pleased to announce that the start date of our free 12-week online course Quantum Formalism will be Friday, September 18th. The course has two tracks:

Track 1: Aimed at helping scientists & software engineers working in the industry that are interested in getting into quantum computing, but that have a limited relevant mathematical background. We hope that mathematics will provide a shortcut to those interested in quantum software & algorithms without needing to have a PhD in quantum physics! :)

Track 2: Aimed at those professionals who are already working in quantum computing and would like to be exposed…

Many of our readers would have heard that quantum computers will revolutionize the computing industry thanks to their ability to harness the computational power of nature. Quantum systems (think atoms or particles) can be leveraged to solve hard game-changing computational problems that were previously thought to be impossible to solve in a meaningful time frame. In our new ‘quantum Revolution’ series we will dive deep into the leading and emerging quantum computing hubs around the globe. Today, we’ll be covering Canada. In our view, a potential quantum superpower is quietly in the making.

To help the non-technical reader get a…

Last week we covered David Hilbert, the mathematician for whom Hilbert spaces were named after. Today we’ll cover Jacques Hadamard, the mathematician for whom as you can guess the Hadamard gate is named after!

Who was Jacques Hadamard?

The School of Mathematics and Statistics University of St Andrew has a pretty comprehensive bio on Jacques Hadamard that I’ve summarised for you below.

Jacques Hadamard began his schooling at the Lycée Charlemagne where his father taught. In his first few years at school he was good at all subjects except mathematics. He excelled in particular in Greek and Latin.

In 1884 Hadamard took the entrance…

Uber recently confirmed the acquisition of food delivery unicorn, Postmates. Interestingly, Postmates was feature early this year in Kähler Insights post entitled ‘ The Kolmogorov IPO Score for a16z’s Marketplaces’. The companies that scored poorly were; Postmates (12%), Rover (9%) and SeatGeek (6%). Hence we noted that these unicorns should perhaps consider an M&A as the first exit option rather than IPO!

Another relevant M&A before Postmates was the acquisition of Zoox by Amazon. Our friends at wrote an article about it entitled ‘ Amazon Shakes Up the Race for Self-Driving-and Ride-Hailing’:

UBER CEO DARA Khosrowshahi says his company…

Dear friends,

As many of you know, last year Google announced it had achieved the milestone using their ‘Sycamore’ machine — which IBM immediately challenged by releasing a statement stating that the quantum advantage threshold has not yet been crossed! In a paper posted online, IBM provided arguments that the world’s most powerful supercomputer can nearly keep pace with Google’s new quantum machine. As a result, IBM argued that Google’s claim should be received “with a large dose of skepticism.”

The consortium of individual quantum researchers collaborating with us were unanimously skeptical and leaning towards IBM’s line of argument. Moreover…


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